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Attracting LOVE
1) It's important to create the energy of partnership around you. Otherwise you are continually enforcing singularity. Add a second chair to a sitting area, double up on nightstands and surround yourself with pairs of everything.
2) Add Happy Family Photos... display smiling photos of yourself as a couple and your family in the hallways, kitchen or other high-traffic areas. Avoid the bedrooms.
3) Arrange the dining room table so everyone can see each other, and set out enough chairs for everyone even if the family doesn't eat together every night.
4) Oversized master bedrooms need to be cozier in order to have good relationship Feng Shui. Start by closing off any adjoining rooms, including a bathroom, office, patio or gym. If there's no door, install curtains. If you have a sitting area, arrange the chairs toward each other, and downsize with a smaller bed. Go from king to queen or queen to double. When the spaces become larger, people tend to live further apart emotionally.
5) Children can be even more susceptible to their surrounding energies, so it's very important to make sure their beds are placed in the commanding position. They will feel easily startled and vulnerable if their backs are to the door. Do not store or charge electronics near a child's bed.
6) Remove Negative Symbolism. To decrease stress and arguing in your home, check your surroundings. Keep photos and artwork pleasing, inspiring and up-lifting.
7) Focus On One Another. When it comes to the master bedroom, it's not about the view or TV. The bedroom is about passion and rejuvenation. To increase intimacy in your home, install heavy, cozy drapes over large windows, remove the TV and never sleep with a laptop, iPhone or other electronics buzzing near your bed. The bedroom should be low in technology & more relaxing and romantic ambience. Avoid pictures and decor featuring anyone other than the people sleeping there — wedding pictures work, but family photos don't.


Attracting Money
1) Keep the Kitchen Clean. Your kitchen is directly related to your ability to attract money. Keep your pantry and refrigerator organized and full of fresh food you actually use. Keep the stove clean, every burner must work and be used equally. Lastly, remove all clutter from the kitchen table.
2) Decorate in Red, Purple or Green. Color has a powerful impact on mood, and red is considered auspicious and powerful. Purple and green are also key colors for attracting prosperity. Don't paint the room if you don't like the color though. Be mindful of how your space feels! It's not just filling your home with stuff. It's about decorating and enhancing the vibration and power of your own home.
3) Make Your Front Door Inviting. If it's hard to find your front door or it's a confusing way to enter, it will be hard for opportunity to make its way into your life as well. Put in an archway or gate to denote the front door if you need to and make sure the doorbell works. The welcome mat should be bright and fresh. Sweep the steps and sidewalk in front, and add a potted plant to the entryway.
4) Lose Clutter, add Plants and Water. To bring in more prosperity, it's important to create a vibrant, healthy, inspiring and clutter-free home. Clutter jams up good energy and leads to procrastination. Bring in vibrant life forces such as plants and flowers, and don't forget to have fresh air circulating. Fountains are important wealth adjustments in Feng Shui because they stimulate prosperity, energy and also symbolizes money.
5) Bring In New Opportunities. This is my favorite, sometimes it doesn't take money to make money, just a yard sale. This is a zero-cost fix. Take out clutter to increase prosperity; what you don't use, don't love, don't need. Space equals opportunity.
6) Don't Use Water Symbols. Drippy faucets are a sign of money going to waste. Best to not use mirrors and water based artwork about the bed or even at face height. To increase your bank account, fix all fountains & water fixtures and remove all stagnant water from the property.
7) Set up a Sophisticated Office. Take yourself & your business seriously and bring in more opportunity and success. Make sure to have a large desk that is open and accessible. The amount of space in front of you relates to the amount of opportunities available to you!

*reference HGTV.com



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source: http://www.gmregroup.com/agent

1. Create an outdoor entertaining space. Try to decorate with weather-resistant materials like vinyl and wicker that will stand up to the elements. Apply a outdoor television, surround audio system, bar and lighting to add a splash of fun to your summer.
2. Add some natural light to the hallways, bathroom, kitchen or even your living room to give that feel of wide open spaces. Lighting in any home adds value.
3. Add some exterior finishes to the house from outside. Paint your door a different bright summer colour. Add some shutters or planter boxes to the windows. Add outdoor solo panel lights along your walkway to your front door. 
4. After a hard winter, freshen up the paint or wood stain on your fence, posts, beams, sundeck, garage door and siding. 
5. Replace your sliding deck doors with French doors. 
6. Add some sheers to your windows just enough for light to come through.
7. Add some fabulous outdoor lighting, whether it’s glass hurricane pendants hanging from the covered porch, tiki torches extending from the garden or dimly lit Chinese lanterns strung through the branches of a tree. Adding an element of summer romance to the backyard makes your home feel like your in vacation mode.
8. Add a parade of summer cool coloured umbrellas to your patio. 
9. Add a gas fire pit to your outdoor entertainment area. 
10. Spice up the bar area with some cool looking summer decanters, glasses, and wine bottles.
11. Add some fresh cut flowers to any room.
12. Freshen up the linens with neutral colors for both your bathroom and bedrooms. Add a splash of Rose Qaurtz and/or Serenity Blue (summer colors 2016) as an added accessory.
13. Touch up your garden in the front with rich green and flowering year round perennials and add a dogwood tree (British Columbia's provincial flower) to the yard.
14. Put up a cast iron bar around the deck and hang some loose sheer curtains. Add in some art and attractive pillows, throws, tealights, and arrangements to give a romantic ambience to your evenings. 
15. Make up some yummy cocktails, and invite some of your favourite people to join in on some summer fun! Here are two recipes to try!

16 ounces limoncello (lemon-flavored liqueur)
12 ounces gin
8 ounces fresh lemon juice
24 paper–thin lemon slices
16 ounces chilled club soda
8 mint sprigs

In a pitcher, combine the limoncello, gin and lemon juice. Cover and refrigerate until chilled, at least 2 hours. Press 3 thin lemon slices against the inside of each of 8 collins glasses. Add ice to the glasses. Stir the limoncello mixture and pour it into the glasses. Stir 2 ounces of club soda into each drink and garnish with a mint sprig.

1/4 cup water
1/4 cup granulated sugar
8 cups diced seedless watermelon (1 pound)
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1 3/4 cups blueberries
3/4 cup lightly packed fresh mint leaves, plus 8 sprigs for garnish
1 1/4 cups silver tequila

In a small saucepan, bring the water to a simmer with the sugar and stir over moderate heat until the sugar is dissolved, about 1 minute; let the sugar syrup cool.
In a blender, puree the watermelon until smooth. Set a fine-mesh strainer over a bowl and strain the watermelon juice, pressing gently on the solids to extract as much juice as possible. Discard the pulp.
In a large pitcher, combine the sugar syrup with the lime juice, blueberries and mint leaves. Using a wooden spoon, lightly muddle the blueberries and mint. Add the watermelon juice and tequila. Refrigerate until chilled, about 2 hours.
Pour the cocktail into tall ice-filled glasses. Garnish with the mint sprigs and serve.

For non-alchol drinks, just skip the alcohol and add the goodness!

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Photos are fun to have around the house, by creating visuals of your travels and experiences with family and friends! Here are some ideas to spark your creativity and imagination in designing your own showcase. 
Shelving units are great to showcase your pictures and frames without putting holes in your walls. Besides you can simply rearrange them to your own liking once in awhile. 

 Here you can create hanging frames by simply attaching a long wire or rope horizonatlly across your wall and hang the pictures by hooks and clips. You can purchase the back boards (cardboard) without actual frames at any local craft shop. Here you can cut and glue pictures to the cardboard without having to apply a frame or border. This as well allows you to change and coordinate your pictures periodically to your liking. 
To create something unique and more colorful, you can glue fabric or colorful paper to create a design that matches your room. I like drawing with a black felt pen a design of my own before gluing my pictures. 

This is a great Collage done in contrast with a white backdrop and filled in with black frames. Neatly demonstrated, this must be measured by the frames you choose and mapped out prior to hanging, in order to create that perfect look. You can also purchase frames that fit but in different colors. 

Here is a great look that uses canvas, instead of frames. You just choose & download the picture, the color and the size and the print shop does all the rest!
Try online with Great Big Canvas 

We finally got some color shots here to show you how three different colors; red, green and brown, blend together in a collage format but hung with thick wire. You can grab a wire and use colored tape to give it more of a natural and professional look with your frames. In this picture, a cast iron curtain rod is strung across the wall for strength and durability.

Pictures frames inside of windows! At any thrift shop or garage sale, you can pick up old window frames and glue the backing of the picture onto the glass. If you want to sand and refurbish the wood, you can do this by sanding down the edges and staining the wood with a color you want to match your room. 

This is a great Instagram room! With all the pictures we collect of our trips, this is a great collage of small pictures that you can put together in one big wall mural. This way they are protected and displayed in an artful way. Get ready to throw out your photo albums. 

This is another collage done but with a theme. You can add certain things that represent your family or event. You can incorporate baskets, colorful frames, fabrics, and memorabilia collected over the years. This gives it a 3D image that brings the room alive. If your child has spent most of his years in baseball, you can add a wall that is Baseball themed. Throw up a shelf to display his/her trophies, jerseys, baseball, bat and glove and then form the pictures around it. Very fun!
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We all love to live in comfort and the one thing I just love is a cozy bedroom. Its not so much a room filled with expensive furnishings and modern technology. Its not the cost that counts, its the comfort! 
Its all about the design, the view from your bed or just simple cozy linens, that makes things easy to cuddle up to. Here are a few of my favorite designs for bedroom interiors and the simple schemes and layouts that make an atmosphere so cozy. Time to cuddle up!

Soft lights
The contrast between chocolate brown and beige have been incorporated in the bedding and wallpaper. Soft lights illuminate above the bed and align along the wooden floors.

Rustic Room Highlighted with Cheerful Colors
This is one of my favorites! A rustic old wall that doesnt give much color to the room, but then throw in a bright floral design comforter and the room becomes much more brighter.  

Large Headboard
This bed I love! The headboard that is embroidered with cushions in collage & 3D style, creates an illusion that the bed is shorter and more cozier.

Large Ceilings and Mural Wall
Another rustic apartment style with open concept and large ceilings. The wall painting matching the bed spread just give it much more warmth.

Big Blankets of Fur
Fur throws in accents of brown and grey help highlight and match both the rug/floors as well as the grey color scheme of this cozy plush room.  

Soft Colors of Grey
Greys again matching with chocolate brown really work well together. But its also the cozy hand knitted throw and the rag carpet that makes this room.

Canopy Style Beds with Drapes
This room makes me feel like nuzzling up, with the help of an interesting view.  Large windows with vaulted ceilings and majestic curtains on this canopy bed can encapsulate me into my own cozy existence.
Lots of Pillows
I love the idea of sleeping close to the floor, probably because I spent more than 7 years in a tight apartment sleeping on a matress with no frame. A bit of an asian theme style here, with the addition of surrounding variations in soft pillows. Just the perfect remedy for a good place to relax, watch the city view and read an interesting book. 
photo credits via pinterest
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You must love a bedroom that has some sort of creativity behind it? If you can choose your fabrics for floors, bedding and windows, then you can choose to put together a headboard that represents your taste and style. Not all beds come with headboards, but even if you have one, you can create a great backdrop for your wall besides pictures and frames.

In this blog, pictures are dramatically displayed to give you an idea of how you can decorate your bed with uniquely DIY designs that can change the look and style of your bedroom. Enjoy the show!
For one, this large headboard is like a collage of cushions put together and is secured on horizontal 4x4 wood frames. This gives the ability for the cushions to look like they are floating and you can see through to the wall.
 A rustic aged headboard gathered by old farmhouse remains can be put together nicely with a shelf on top. This wood can be treated with vinegar, steel wool and paint of your choice. I quite like this for a cottage style theme. 
These are large doors put together to create a very high headboard. These doors are not usually made available at a home depot, but you can go to any interior design or decor store, where they may know of someone who fabricates these. This reminds me of cities all over Europe that have beautiful large, thick doors on the majority of their buildings. The drapes soften the room just nicely!
Here is a beautiful large cast iron rod with a design and style behind it. Choose any drapes to match your windows and bedding as long as your guest don't get the two confused. 
This is one of my favorite rooms. I've always been drawn to Morrocan style furnishings and anything that makes you feel that you walked into another room.  The ceiling is lined with wood beams giving the room a atmosphere from another era. The headboard can be handcrafted in wood or cast iron by a local artist and then painted to the color you choose. White really makes the design stand out. 
Old closet doors can be utilized for a backdrop just nicely. This is becoming quite a fashionable item to alot of homes these days.
How about old barn doors?
Round or sqaure cast iron or wood carving
Wood paneling wall with curtains and shelves for candles and frames.
Fence doors colored in shades of Grey with uneven lengths. 
This is another favorite! Wood beam ceilings and a backdrop wall painting. Cozy!
Wood paneling.
Emboridered fabric detailing?
White cushioned headboard that matches the color of the walls and the cushion of the foot bed.
Dreamy! Beautiful and simple bed canopy.
Aged plywood that you would use for fencing is interestingly put together from floor board to ceiling. 
Beautiful large canvas painting
Metal lattice headboards
Large gothic style mirror.
Photo credit via: Pinterest
All material provided at ladyjunpublished.com is for informational purposes only, and is not to be taken as recommendations. It is in the opinion of the author and does not represent the photos, for each photo is for visual guidance and effects.
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Wall designs from every creative element are on the rise for modern decor. From rustic natural elements such as wood, moss, plants, and clay. These elements are creatively put together to create a 3D image on residential homes, apartments and commerical properties. Explore the wide range of ideas that you can bring to your homefront by checking out these inspiring interior photos.
Wood Panels are not just for the floors! Any color, texture, and style of wood (driftwood, cedar planks, or weathered Stikwood) can make a beautiful room feel homey while remaining rustic. 
Pictures are so common in most homes and by saving space you can add them to your walls by just applying them into frames or onto boards to be hung in alignment. This creative look builds character to any room. 
Create a photo collage of family pictures by piecing together different sizes and shapes in frames. You can also mix up 2 or 3 different colors and put them together to add fun to the room.
Love this design here! This is where several old closet doors have been put together to create a great rustic back drop. You can also take any closet door to refurbish by sanding and staining the wood to the desired interior color of your room.
Love this idea of wall coverings called Malanchite (The Semiprecious Series) by Fiandre. This elegant design was created by an Italian company that has studied the great wonders of semiprecious materials such as agate, onyx, marble, and amber and mimicked it through advanced technology to bring these beauties to life. The process of creation is brought on by ink jet printed onto engineered clay and then fired resulting in a high gloss porcelain tile. Check out there website: www.granitifiandre.com
You can walk into your own room and feel the pleasures of the great outdoors!  High quality home builders, such as Highline Partners from Montana created this look. They adhered a vast amount of beautiful Birch trees to plywood and finished it with a light coat of plaster, giving the appearance of a three dimensional forest as a backdrop.
Visit their site to view their creative designs at: www. highline-partners.com
Burlap fabric is woven fibres taken from a plant, thats been used as a wall covering to add more warmth to a room. Burlap or Hessian cloth has a coarse look and feel to it and is noteably used for curtains, craft projects, table cloths, table runners, banners, bulletin boards, tote bags and in gardens. 
This is a great and interesting three dimensional wall covering that can be easily made for your own home. You can size up any panel boards at a home hardware store and add any design of fabric to the board to create this virtual image. To really have it stand out, add some backlights behind the boards to give it a mystical illumination to your room for the evenings. 
Grasscloth or plywood gives additional texture and dimensions to your room if you were to add these sporadically in a striped pattern. Choose any colored pattern to your room. For a more challenging project, interweve several vertical and horizontal boards in variations of those patterns or colors. 
Grasscloth Wallpaper was trending in the 60s and 70s, and now its back this time with cool durable patterns that make traditional wallpaper a thing of the past. 
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