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Photos are fun to have around the house, by creating visuals of your travels and experiences with family and friends! Here are some ideas to spark your creativity and imagination in designing your own showcase. 
Shelving units are great to showcase your pictures and frames without putting holes in your walls. Besides you can simply rearrange them to your own liking once in awhile. 

 Here you can create hanging frames by simply attaching a long wire or rope horizonatlly across your wall and hang the pictures by hooks and clips. You can purchase the back boards (cardboard) without actual frames at any local craft shop. Here you can cut and glue pictures to the cardboard without having to apply a frame or border. This as well allows you to change and coordinate your pictures periodically to your liking. 
To create something unique and more colorful, you can glue fabric or colorful paper to create a design that matches your room. I like drawing with a black felt pen a design of my own before gluing my pictures. 

This is a great Collage done in contrast with a white backdrop and filled in with black frames. Neatly demonstrated, this must be measured by the frames you choose and mapped out prior to hanging, in order to create that perfect look. You can also purchase frames that fit but in different colors. 

Here is a great look that uses canvas, instead of frames. You just choose & download the picture, the color and the size and the print shop does all the rest!
Try online with Great Big Canvas 

We finally got some color shots here to show you how three different colors; red, green and brown, blend together in a collage format but hung with thick wire. You can grab a wire and use colored tape to give it more of a natural and professional look with your frames. In this picture, a cast iron curtain rod is strung across the wall for strength and durability.

Pictures frames inside of windows! At any thrift shop or garage sale, you can pick up old window frames and glue the backing of the picture onto the glass. If you want to sand and refurbish the wood, you can do this by sanding down the edges and staining the wood with a color you want to match your room. 

This is a great Instagram room! With all the pictures we collect of our trips, this is a great collage of small pictures that you can put together in one big wall mural. This way they are protected and displayed in an artful way. Get ready to throw out your photo albums. 

This is another collage done but with a theme. You can add certain things that represent your family or event. You can incorporate baskets, colorful frames, fabrics, and memorabilia collected over the years. This gives it a 3D image that brings the room alive. If your child has spent most of his years in baseball, you can add a wall that is Baseball themed. Throw up a shelf to display his/her trophies, jerseys, baseball, bat and glove and then form the pictures around it. Very fun!
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Wall designs from every creative element are on the rise for modern decor. From rustic natural elements such as wood, moss, plants, and clay. These elements are creatively put together to create a 3D image on residential homes, apartments and commerical properties. Explore the wide range of ideas that you can bring to your homefront by checking out these inspiring interior photos.
Wood Panels are not just for the floors! Any color, texture, and style of wood (driftwood, cedar planks, or weathered Stikwood) can make a beautiful room feel homey while remaining rustic. 
Pictures are so common in most homes and by saving space you can add them to your walls by just applying them into frames or onto boards to be hung in alignment. This creative look builds character to any room. 
Create a photo collage of family pictures by piecing together different sizes and shapes in frames. You can also mix up 2 or 3 different colors and put them together to add fun to the room.
Love this design here! This is where several old closet doors have been put together to create a great rustic back drop. You can also take any closet door to refurbish by sanding and staining the wood to the desired interior color of your room.
Love this idea of wall coverings called Malanchite (The Semiprecious Series) by Fiandre. This elegant design was created by an Italian company that has studied the great wonders of semiprecious materials such as agate, onyx, marble, and amber and mimicked it through advanced technology to bring these beauties to life. The process of creation is brought on by ink jet printed onto engineered clay and then fired resulting in a high gloss porcelain tile. Check out there website: www.granitifiandre.com
You can walk into your own room and feel the pleasures of the great outdoors!  High quality home builders, such as Highline Partners from Montana created this look. They adhered a vast amount of beautiful Birch trees to plywood and finished it with a light coat of plaster, giving the appearance of a three dimensional forest as a backdrop.
Visit their site to view their creative designs at: www. highline-partners.com
Burlap fabric is woven fibres taken from a plant, thats been used as a wall covering to add more warmth to a room. Burlap or Hessian cloth has a coarse look and feel to it and is noteably used for curtains, craft projects, table cloths, table runners, banners, bulletin boards, tote bags and in gardens. 
This is a great and interesting three dimensional wall covering that can be easily made for your own home. You can size up any panel boards at a home hardware store and add any design of fabric to the board to create this virtual image. To really have it stand out, add some backlights behind the boards to give it a mystical illumination to your room for the evenings. 
Grasscloth or plywood gives additional texture and dimensions to your room if you were to add these sporadically in a striped pattern. Choose any colored pattern to your room. For a more challenging project, interweve several vertical and horizontal boards in variations of those patterns or colors. 
Grasscloth Wallpaper was trending in the 60s and 70s, and now its back this time with cool durable patterns that make traditional wallpaper a thing of the past. 
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